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Signed. Limited Edition, Fine Art Prints. Printed on C-Type Kodak Metallic Paper.

£50 - 30 Editions - 12.5 x 10" (Small Print)

£80 - 20 Editions - 16 x 12.8" (Medium Print)

£150 - 10 Editions - 20 x 16" (Large Print)

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These series of photographs are  the artist  first exploration of the human body and the nude. Eivind was requested to create a series of images for HYMEN Magazine. Every artist had a challenge to create something raw,  unadulterated.  

Eivind took this opportunity to explore a theme he has never attempted  before. Moving away from fashion into artistic nude.  

Inspired by science  fiction, he wanted to explore the use of neon lights for his series. Instead of  subjecting the models to the lighting;  they take an active role, stabbing their bodies with luminous tubes. Geometrical composition creates a direct visual link between the images using pairs and triptychs.  

‘tête-à-tête’ could mean a intimate dialogue or a private affair. On these series the trio connect  between them  via an  artificial light. The visualization of the phrase, the hyphens between words reflect the neon lights linked.  

The sexual charge becomes a forced exposure. The images will take the audience through a trajectory.  

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